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Natron Ritual Salt

Natron Ritual Salt

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Immerse yourself in the ancient ritual of purification with our in-house crafted Natron Ritual Salt, meticulously prepared to honor the traditions of old. Comprised of a unique blend of Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, and Sodium carbonate, Natron holds profound significance in ritual practices, as evidenced by its mention in the Greek Magical Papyri.

Echoing the wisdom of antiquity, Natron has been revered for its purifying properties, symbolizing the transformative power of cleansing and renewal. In the Mytho-Hermetic tradition, it was used by the Egyptians for various sacred purposes, from the crafting of glass to the embalming of revered figures. As Dom Antoin-Josef Pernety elucidates, Natron played a pivotal role in the preservation of the Mummies of Egypt, embodying both the physical and spiritual purification essential to their journey beyond earthly realms.

Harness the timeless energy of Natron to cleanse and sanctify your ritual space, invoking the ancient wisdom of the ages to guide you on your path of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.




From the Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary of Dom Antoin-Josef Pernety:

NATRON: “A kind of fixed alkaline salt, which the Egyptians used to make glass, or for whitening and cleaning fabric, and which was united with all oily, lymphatic, and fatty liquors, producing the same effect on bodies as that which tanning lime does to leather.  The Egyptians also used it to embalm bodies that today we call the Mummies of Egypt.  After having removed the intestines and the brains, they put these bodies in Natron for 70 days; and when they were sufficiently impregnated with this salt, they filled the head, the chest and the stomach with resinous and bituminous matters.” Merc. Of France, January 1751

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