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Natron Powder

Natron Powder

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Ritually Handmade in Marfa, TX

Natron is a mineral salt found in the dried lake beds

Comprised of Salt, Sodium bicarbonate, and Sodium carbonate

Natron is ritually used for purification of the ritual area and is mentioned in the Greek Magical Papyri


From the Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary of Dom Antoin-Josef Pernety:

NATRON: “A kind of fixed alkaline salt, which the Egyptians used to make glass, or for whitening and cleaning fabric, and which was united with all oily, lymphatic, and fatty liquors, producing the same effect on bodies as that which tanning lime does to leather.  The Egyptians also used it to embalm bodies that today we call the Mummies of Egypt.  After having removed the intestines and the brains, they put these bodies in Natron for 70 days; and when they were sufficiently impregnated with this salt, they filled the head, the chest and the stomach with resinous and bituminous matters.” Merc. Of France, January 1751

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