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Here For the Mystical Minded

Here For the Mystical Minded

We opened our Brick + Mortar shop in downtown Marfa, Texas to bring the magic + wonder of herbs to our tiny desert town. From Plant Potions to Divination Tools, we've got you covered.

Plants For the People

Ocotillo Botánica was founded with the idea that plant medicine is the people's medicine. We strive to provide excellent quality and affordable price points so that everyone can unlock the potential and freedom of being the masters of their own wellness. Combining traditional herbalism with magickal practice and psychic connection, we work to create something truly unique that reflects the true nature of the Chihuahuan Desert in which we live.

Plant Spirit Medicine

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Today's Lunar Guide

February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021


Today, our Waxing Gibbous Moon brings a big push of creative + motivational energy, and in fiery sun sign Leo, this is amplified tenfold. Leo brings a flamboyant and dramatic energy to today's lunar phase - calling in all the praise, flattery, generosity, and pleasure. Today is a big day, bursting with brilliant light. The darkness is lifting, and we are right on the precipice of pure joy! Follow the energy today to work with manifestation + creation on a massively cosmic level.

Key Words: Final Push, Creativity, Manifestation, Solar Power, Generosity, Flamboyance, Letting Your Light Shine, Praise + Flattery, Drama, Entertainment, Standing In Your Power

Organs Influenced by Leo: Heart, Blood, Circulatory System

Plants to Work With: Siberian Elm, Ocotillo, California Sagebrush