Alexis Nichole Smith

Icon of Auset/Isis & Ausar/Osiris

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5”x7” Collage Artwork handmade by Alexis Smith in Marfa, TX

This Icon depicts the image of Auset/Isis & Ausar/Osiris, divine partners in Egyptian Cosmology.

On the right is the Icon of Auset/Isis, “The Throne,” Egyptian Neter (Goddess) of motherhood, unity, magic & the divine feminine.

Auset is mounted on a background of Carnelian, surrounded by her plant allies of Jasmine, Rose & Cedar.  Above her is her ancient hieroglyphic name, and below her is her corresponding Zodiacal sign, Libra.

On the left is the Icon of Ausar/Osiris, “He Who Is Seen,” Egyptian Neter (God) of resurrection, rebirth, renewal & royal power.

Ausar is mounted on a background of Malachite, surrounded by his plant allies of Cypress, Cinnamon, and Acacia.  Above him is his ancient hieroglyphic name, and below him is his corresponding Zodiacal sign, Aries.