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Tarot Readings

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We are now offering Tarot Readings among our list of services!


We are currently offering the following spreads, which can be selected from the drop-down menu:

*Single Card Reading

*Three Card Spread

*Five Card Spread


*The Celtic Cross**

*The Altar of Self***


*This is a 7 card spread.  Quintessence works with the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire + Water) to uncover guidance on the current path.

**This is a 10 card spread.  The Celtic Cross is a spread that already has specific questions assigned to it, and is used to gain insight on current obstacles.

 ***This is a 10 card spread.  The Altar of Self is a spread that is designed to uncover the "selves" that create your whole being, and is used to gain insight on your present state and uncover truths about yourself that are not quite lost, but may have been forgotten along the path.

When you have selected and purchased your reading, we will contact you to gather information for your reading.  You can prepare a list of questions you would like discussed, let us know a general theme, or if you're unsure we will intuitively gather questions from higher self, plant spirits, and guides.


To select the deck for your reading, we use a pendulum to divine which deck best suits the energy of the specific reading.


When your reading is ready, you will be emailed a breakdown of the reading, a voice recording of the reading, and a photograph of the cards.


For more information, send us an email at and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!