Ancient Ocean Society

Juniper Spirit Essence

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~*~ This is a vibrational remedy.  Flower essences are made of the pure vibrational energy of the plant and contain no actual plant material. ~*~





Juniper's vibrational medicine is all about deep wisdom, about intrinsic knowing, intuition.  She helps us to see through the veil into our own innate abilities to perceive all things and to reconnect our spiritual and physical selves with the earth and cosmos.  Juniper has an affinity for our seventh and sixth chakras, our knowing and our sight.  She helps us to work through and rewrite ancestral trauma and connect to our past and current life ancestry.  She exists in all times, as we all do, and her wisdom runs deep.

Our Juniper Spirit Essence is a vibrational remedy, made with the energetic essence of this mystical herb here in Marfa, Texas - bottled and packaged in our apothecary.


These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness.