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Alexis Nichole Smith

Icon of John Dee, Archangels of the LBRP

Icon of John Dee, Archangels of the LBRP

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8”x11” Collage Artwork handmade by Alexis Smith in Marfa, TX

Wall-mounting only (No Easel Back)

This Icon depicts the image of John Dee, famed mystic and spiritual advisor of Queen Elizabeth who received the transmissions of the Angelic Realm, including the Enochian language and ritual technologies.

John Dee is mounted on a background of Obsidian, a tool he used for scrying, surrounded by the Solomonic Seals of the Archangels of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  Before him is Raphael, behind him is Gabriel, to his right side is Michael, to his left side is Uriel, above him is Metatron, and below him is Sandalphon.

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