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Alexis Smith

Custom Ritual Candle

Custom Ritual Candle

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Candles are now being crafted in glass votive containers. 

Experience the profound essence of our Custom Ritual Candle service, meticulously tailored to manifest your prayers and intentions. Crafted in alignment with astrological currents, each candle undergoes a sacred ritual imbued with intention and purpose. From the selection of candle materials to the formulation of herbal allies, every step is infused with reverence and dedication to bringing your prayer to fruition. Allow Alexis to guide you on a transformative journey as she attunes to your personal prayer, creating a unique sigil and formal prayer to be imbued into the candle's essence. With meticulous care, each candle is poured, carved, dressed, and consecrated before being placed on the altar for a sacred period of 4 days. On the 5th day, your candle is ready to be collected or shipped to you, wrapped in love and reverence, ready to illuminate your sacred space and ignite your intentions.

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