Ocotillo Botánica

Flame of Eternity Prayer Candle

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Candles are now being crafted in glass votive containers. 

This Prayer Candle is crafted to-order in alignment with your prayer.

Prayer Candles are crafted on Sundays, in alignment with The Sun.  The process for crafting these candles is a Ritual in and of itself.

On the next Sunday following your purchase of the Prayer Candle, Alexis will attune to your personal prayer based upon your guidance.  She will then formulate the candle itself, made from either Soy, Beeswax, or a blend. the color of the base candle + the candle veil (the wax that seals the candle together) and the herbal allies that are wanting to come forward for your prayer.

She will then create a sigil that encompasses the intention of your prayer and write a formal prayer to be read over the candle upon lighting.  After this is complete, Alexis will craft the candle itself in a ritual container, pouring the candle, carving it with the sigil, dressing it with the herbs, and sealing it with the veil of wax.  After the candle has dried, the sigil will be scribed onto a piece of consecrated papyrus and tied onto the candle itself using cotton or silk thread, and the prayer will be written into scroll form.

The final step of this process is to speak the prayer over the candle and place it on the consecration altar.  The candle will remain on this altar for 4 days where Alexis will speak the prayer over it each morning.

On the 5th and final day, your candle may be collected at the shop or it will be shipped to you.  Once it leaves the altar, the candle will be lovingly wrapped in paper and cloth.