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  • For the Collective: February

    For the Collective: February

    New year, new ideas (right?).  This moment of in-between, the liminal space in the dead center of January, has be thinking about how to share my own practices more with the community.  Starting with this initial download for the month of February, I will be sharing with you all the simple practice that I utilize to connect with the archetypes of the year.  Each month, I sit with the Numerology, important Astrology transits, and divine a Major Arcana + Neteru Archetype as guidance for the month ahead.


    The second month of the year of 2023 comes in with a numerology of 9.  This attunes us to the frequency of Spiritual Foundations, Selflessness + Peace.


    How can we best be of benefit and service to the elevation of peace in the collective through our spiritual practices?  February is a good time to get back to the basics - realign with your morning preparatory rites, touch base with your spiritual advisor, have a chat with your guides + ancestors.  

    The Hermit tarot card + The Book of Doors Neteru card ATUM

    Our first Archetype of the month is The Hermit.  The Hermit carries the frequencies of Stillness, Solitude and Wisdom.  It also carries the frequencies of the number 9, its position in the order of the Major Arcana.  This card coming forward in a number 9 month is a powerful alignment.  The Hermit is a seeker of wisdom, but he is also a guide - sharing his light with others on the same path.  What was once hidden is revealed.  In order to elevate peace in the collective, we must shine our light brightly for others to see while we work to feed that flame by doing our own inner work.  The Hermit once again reminds us to return to our basics - to tend to our foundation so that our light may shine even brighter as we emerge.


    In the Book of Doors Divination Deck, the archetype that I have drawn for the collective is Atum.  Atum represents the continuation of life and creation.    He is the original impulse to create - the very potential.  Atum illuminates both creative energy and the shadow.  Just as the Hermit is guided by by the light of his own wisdom, Atum illuminates the path forward with the light of our creative potential.  He asks us to attune to our emergence from the “Hermit Cave” with an energy of Self-Projection.  We are the light that we seek, and only by projecting our own light may we find the path forward.  This too shows us how we may serve peace in the collective: by being a lighthouse, a beacon of selflessness, strongly rooted in our spiritual foundations.

    Bust of Nefertiti with Sunrise shadow


    2/5/23 - FULL MOON IN LEO

      The Full Moon in Leo is one of major celebration.  Reflect on the journey thus far as you prepare to step into the shadow.  Look at how far you've come, and pat yourself on the back.  There is much work to be done, so this is a moment for us all to shine brightly before turning inward to tend to the flame.  Take time to release everything from the previous cycle that has dimmed your light.



      This transit attunes us once again to the importance of being of service to the collective, and shines a light on how we may do so.  Through thought + word we can have a profound impact on the frequencies of the collective.  By maintaining our spiritual foundations + practice of selflessness, we amplify peace in our hearts and minds so that our thoughts + words may carry that transmission out into the web of life.


    2/18/23 - SUN ENTERS PISCES

      Pisces season is a time of mysticism + dreamwork.  Through attuning to our spiritual foundations, we send ripples into the subconscious minds of all beings, allowing the collective to step forward into their own spiritual path and express their dreams and ideals freely.


    2/19/23 - VENUS ENTERS ARIES

      Venus falls within her detriment in the fiery sign of Aries.  As we enter this transit this will be a test of our integrity - all of the work that we have been doing to maintain our spiritual foundations will truly come in handy here.  As long as we continue to tend to this work, we may go forward with peace in our hearts and on our tongues.  Practice deep self awareness and forgiveness during this time, especially in your closest relationships.  Passion is a good thing - but a fire too hot will burn out of control until there is nothing left.


    2/19/23 - NEW MOON IN PISCES

      Here we are once again, planting seeds.  The New Moon in Pisces asks us to hone in on all of the inner-work we have been doing this month.  How do we want to step into the next cycle?  What dreams are we cultivating?  What are our visions moving forward?  Set your intentions and get ready to start the journey again.



    My books are open for February!  If you are looking to go deeper, schedule a Spiritual Guidance Council, Tarot Reading, Astro-Consult, or Plant Spirit Healing.  All services are available in-person or online.

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  • The Science of Numbers

    The Science of Numbers

    We talk a lot about Numerology here at Ocotillo Botanica...but what does it all mean?

    Numerology is the Science of Numbers, defined as "the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers".  There are a number of schools of thought around how to calculate Numerology and what the significance is of each number - we could truly spend an eternity just discussing this one topic - but today I'll just share a bit about my personal Numerological path.

    In order to understand the depths of this practice, we have to learn a little history first.  The study of Numerology can be traced back as far as the ancient Chaldeans, a culture that existed potentially as early as the 10th-6th centuries BCE.  The people of Chaldea have mention in the Hebrew Old Testament, and were said to have been Western Semitic Levantine peoples that migrated to the Mesopotamian region.  They were ancient scholars, students of the mystery and the cosmos.

    The branch of Numerology that I study is known as "Chaldean Numerology," following a particular order of number-to-letter frequencies in order to arrive at a single numerical frequency.  There are a few ways to find this number, and the method that you use entirely depends on the format of the information you begin with.  Let's start with the Chaldean Number Grid.

    The Chaldean Number Grid

    Using this grid, we can assign Number Values to Letters to find the Numerical Frequency of any word or name.  For example:


    1+4+7+5+1+3=21   2+3+1+7+1+5+3+3+4+1+2=32

    Here we see that the word ADONIS comes to 21 and the word BLAZINGSTAR totals up to 32.   Our next step is to combine these numbers by adding the individual numbers together, like so:

    2+1=3  3+2=5


    So now we see that the name ADONIS BLAZINGSTAR has a Numerology of 8.


    But what if the information that we are seeking to get the Numerology for isn't a word, but a date or a time?  The formula for this is just like the formula above, but instead of having to find the values, you already have them.  For example:

    December (12) 1, 2022



    This means that the Numerology for the 1st of December, 2022 is 1.  This same formula can be applied to a specific time, or date and time as well, by simply adding the numbers of the time in "Military Time" (i.e. 2:25pm would be 1425).


    Now that we have the base numbers, what do they mean?  Each number has its own expanse of symbolism, so the intrinsic "meanings" behind them will vary depending on your training and school of thought.  A general guide that I like to work by is as follows:

    Numbers + Frequencies


    Once we start to align with the Numerological Frequencies of the world around us, we start to learn a great deal about how we relate to things.  Beyond the handful of ideals listed above, you can start to align numerology with the Major Arcana in the Tarot, the Planets, The Constellations of the Zodiac, and so much more depending on your field of study.

    A fun practice that has become a part of my daily routine, as well as an integral part of any sort of planning that I do from ritual to vacation, is to take a moment each day to align with the numerology of the day.  This simple practice takes less than five minutes and can truly help to inform us on what paths to take for the day ahead.  For example:

    Today, 11/30/22, the Numerology is 11/2 - knowing this, we can see that today is a great day for Cooperation + Configuration.  Today I held a staff meeting here at the shop to align in the frequencies of the day, and opened myself up to some collaboration opportunities on the horizon.

    Another way we can work with Numerology is to decipher our "Birth Number."  This number can give us a lot to go off of in regards to our incarnation purpose + potential.  Let's see an example using the grand opening date of Ocotillo Botanica:

    January 17, 2020



    With this, we can see that the Birth Number of Ocotillo Botanica is 4, which could elude to the incarnation purpose of my business being Manifestation + Expansion (perhaps of the Occult + Plant Sciences?).


    As we can se here, Numerology has an infinite potential of applications.  It can assist us in so many ways, from finding the right date/time to launch a project to getting to know ourselves on a deeper level.

    When it comes down to it, Numerology is whatever you make of it.  While there are some generally agreed upon rules + meanings to the practice, the way it plays out in your life is entirely up to you.


    What did you reveal in your calculations?  I'd love to hear from you - drop a comment below about your own Numerology experience.




    Looking to go deeper?  Align with your Personal Numerological Frequency with The Rites of Fire: Personalized Ritual Workings or begin your journey of innerstanding with Sacred Vessel, a 9-month container of Personal Healing + Transformation.

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  • Hello, Libra!

    Hello, Libra!

    It's officially Libra season, and the energy shift is palatable as we settle into the most romantic sign of the zodiac...

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