The Inner Sanctum

  • Hello, Libra!

    Hello, Libra!

    It's officially Libra season, and the energy shift is palatable as we settle into the most romantic sign of the zodiac...

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  • Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar

    Unpacking the Cosmic Calendar
    After working through some major imposter syndrome and about 20 Astro-Consults in one week I am finally feeling like this is something that I do actually know a thing or two about...
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  • Mercury Retro-Upgrade

    Mercury Retro-Upgrade
    "Pop culture says that Mercury Retrograde is all about communication breakdowns, technology failing, and your ex trying to get back with you...and while these are all symptoms of a retrograde, they don't reveal the entire picture."
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  • FAQ: Have you seen the Marfa Lights?

    FAQ: Have you seen the Marfa Lights?
    "There are many theories out there about what the Marfa Lights must be, but none have been proven.  In fact, scientists have even tried to search out the source of the Marfa Lights but they can never seem to find them."
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