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Year of the Magickal Dragon: A Seasonal Journey of Magick + Ritual

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"Virginia Chandler presents a fascinating array of dragon-legends from many cultures, including real world sites associated with their lore, supporting a spiritual journey through the year to awaken their energies within.  A treat for all who have desired dragons." -Diana L. Paxson, author of Essential Asatru

Walk With Dragons Through the Wheel of the Year

This powerful and enlightening guide shows you how to connect to dragons and practice magick with them throughout the year.  Virginia Chandler introduces you to legendary dragon spirits that are integral to the eight sabbats, from Samhain's ancestor dragons to Beltane's dragons of making.  Your practice will soar to new heights as you join them on a journey through the seasons, exploring meditations, sacred sights, rituals,oil and incense recipes, and more.

Year of the Magickal Dragon empowers all areas of your life by showing you how to work with dragon energy.  Each chapter guides you in building relationships with these marvelous dragons and learning their specialties.  As you walk with them, you'll balance your home and hearth, invigorate your spirit, overcome barriers, and gather your personal harvest.  This hands-on book also features journaling prompts, altar work, and extensive dragon lore, making it a must-have resource for your practice.

Includes a foreword by John Matthews, author of The Grail, Quest for Eternal Life

VIRGINIA CHANDLER is active in her local Druid and Pagan community.  She contributed to Arthurian Magic with John and Caitlin Matthews, and she is also the author of three fiction books, including The Green Knight's Apprentice and The Last Dragon of the North.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.