Ocotillo Botánica

Wildharvested Forever Bouquets

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Each of our seasonally wildharvested Forever Bouquets contains a delicate mix of local flora including medicinal plants, wildflowers, and grasses.

Winter bouquets are made with plants that have naturally dried in their native landscapes, including Sunflower flower heads, California Sagebrush, Bush Clover stems, Monarda flower heads, Gumweed flower heads, Broom Snakeweed flowers, Prairie Goldenrod flower heads, Wooly Plantain flower heads, Peppergrass stems, and various native grasses.  Bouquets are wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a flower dyed cotton muslin ribbon by our dearest friend, Frankie, of Flowers In Your Hands.

All flora for our wildharvested bouquets are hand harvested sustainably, scattering any remaining seeds to promote growth of the species, and never taking more than 1/4 of the plant material from a location.