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Wildcrafted Chaparral Burning Bundle

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Chaparral never ceases to amaze us.  This incredible desert ally is a symbol of life where most see the absence of it.  Chaparral is a miracle plant - a champion of all things living.  It provides shelter for the small desert critters and its little forests work as a beacon of hope for all that call the barren lands their home.  If you have ever been to the deserts of the Southwest, then you know that sweet, clean smell that fills the air right before the grounds are blessed with a much needed rain.  Chaparral provides us with this celebratory proclamation of life-giving water.  She is the water-bringer.  The Rain Goddess of the desert.

Our Chaparral Burning Bundles are wild-harvested right after a heavy rain during the desert's Monsoon season when the plants are rich with volatile oils that store away the water that was given to them.  Just holding these bundles in your hand is enough to remind you of the life energy held within a single drop of water.  Experience the magic of a pure + cleansing desert rain and feel the joy that a beloved Monsoon brings to its inhabitants.


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