Alexis Smith

The Rites of Fire: Personalized Ritual Workings

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The Rites of Fire are now fully booked for the month of January.  To get on my waiting list, schedule the 30 minute council session here.

Please book a 30 minute council HERE before committing to this Rite.

This is a service from my heart to yours.

I, Alexis Smith, will carefully divine + craft a personal ceremony of intention to align with the frequency of your prayer.

This is my fire.  To be of service in this way is humbling and I hold immense gratitude.

Each Rite is unique to the recipients needs.  Examples of practices that may be incorporated into your rite include plant wisdom, crystal technologies, meditation, candle magic, ritual bathing, anointing practices, altar building, etc.

The exchange for this service begins with a non-refundable deposit $125.  This fee includes The Book of The Rite, 11+ hours of divination, 10-50 hours of ritual refinement + craftwork, and the Ritual Bundle: any plant medicines (whole herb), holy water, prayers, hymns, incantations, etc that are revealed in divination, as well as 6 moths of unlimited email/chat/text support.

Any tools or more complex medicines that are revealed in divination will be an additional exchange.  I will always ask your consent before crafting any extra tools or medicines.

**Please DO NOT purchase this listing without first having done the 30 minute council session linked at the top of this description.**