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The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune

The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune

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“Dion Fortune’s classic Mystical Qabalah explores all aspects of the Qabalah, including the esoteric sciences of astrology and tarot, which form the basis of the Western Mystery Traditions.  First published in 1935, it is widely considered a classic in its clarity linking the broad elements of Jewish traditional thought, later Christian insights, with both Eastern and Western philosophy.  The book works in a profoundly psychological way, offering invaluable lessons for all who feel drawn to know themselves better so that their inner and outer worlds may be as one.

This Weiser Classics edition is newly retypeset and includes a new forword by Judika Illes and an afterword by Stuart R. Harris, codirector of the Society of the Inner Light, which was founded by Fortune in 1924.


DION FORTUNE (born Violet Mary Firth, 1890-1946), founder of the Society of the Inner Light, is recognized as one of the most luminous figures of the 20th century esoteric thought.  A prolific writer, pioneer psychologist, powerful psychic, and spiritualist, she dedicated her life to the revival of the Western Mystery Tradition.  She was also a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, whose members included A.E. Waite, Aleister Crowley, and W.B. Yeats.”

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