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The Magical Year: Seasonal Celebrations to Honor Nature's Ever-Turning Year

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Join Druid seer and wisewoman Danu Forest on a year-long journey to connect with the power and beauty of nature.

In this practical and inspiring celebration of the festivals of the Celtic seasonal Wheel of the Year, Danu draws on her many years of personal practice and teaching to skilfully revive the ancient rituals and traditions of all eight festivals--Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lugnasadh, Autumn Equinox,, Samhain and Winter Solstice--helping you weave a more soulful, nature-centered way of living into your everyday existence.  Throughout the book, beautiful illustrations in the Celtic style capture this special atmosphere of each festival.

  • Learn to call upon the deities to support and assist you in your journey
  • Explore Celtic starlore to glean spiritual insights from the heavens
  • Make meaningful gifts for friends and family
  • Cast spells for creativity, fertility and blessing
  • Decorate your home with crafts and altars to manifest sacred space
  • Use the abundance of nature in recipes for self-healing
  • Explore the deeper meanings of the festivals through magical guided visualizations

"An insightful guide, rich with Danu Forest's understanding of the ancient ways, traditions, folklore and magical lore behind the seasonal celebrations." -Glennie Kindred, Author and Artist

DANU FOREST has practiced Druidry, Celtic witchcraft and shamanism for more than 25 years.  A Druid-grade member of OBOD and an Arch Druidess of the clan of Dana, she leads a Druid grove in Glastonbury in the UK.  For more information on her work, books and courses, visit www.danuforest.co.uk