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The Living Wheel Astrology Cards
The Living Wheel Astrology Cards
The Living Wheel Astrology Cards
The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

The Living Wheel

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Astrology is an ancient practice that originates more than two thousand years ago. A tool for self-discovery, astrology can be a guide for navigating life, imbuing it with intention, meaning, and magic.

The Living Wheel Astrology Cards are a powerful and versatile tool that supports living intentionally and in alignment with nature and the cosmos. 

Is it an oracle deck? YES! Is it a study tool? YES! 

This deck was designed to support your journey with astrology. For beginners and experienced it can be used as an oracle, a way to visually represent the astrological (depicting birth charts or other astrological occurrences) or as part of altar / sacred space display.

About the deck design:

Typically when creating a deck an important objective is creating artwork that evokes or depicts the meaning of the card. An alternative choice is covering the card in text or symbols to accomplish the same means. No one keyword or visual depiction can express or teach the totality of a system like astrology. Patrick, artist behind The Living Wheel,  believes it is very important that as one’s study, experience and knowledge of astrology continue to grow, that this deck do the same. Therefore this deck depicts the cosmos and seasons as they actually appear and the cards are free of words. Knowing the glyphs of astrology is foundational to working with astrology, thus the only written element on the cards. The Living Wheel hopes when you lay the cards down you get the sensation of looking up to the cosmos and recall the mystery and magic imbued both in it and you. 



- 55 Cards (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches)

  • 11 Planetary Cards
  • 12 Moon Cards
  • 12 Star Sign Cards
  • 12 House Cards
  • 8 Seasonal Cards

- 400 GSM, luxe satin-matte finish card-stock

- Vintage Stardust Gold deck edging

- Gold foil card-back design

- Sturdy, two-piece box, printed with a satin, matte finish and embossed gold foil elements.

- Keyword Booklet