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The Little Work: Magic to Transform Your Everyday Life

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"No one ever did great things well who had not first done well with small things." - Paul Foster Case

Unite your Everyday + Magical Lives with the Power of Inner Alchemy

Make your day-to-day life as fulfilling and rewarding as your magical practice by turning everything you do into an extension of that practice.  Nothing is truly mundane in this world--but if you can't pay bills on time or weather difficult relationships, how can you achieve spiritual transformation?  Packed with practical tools that help improve your willpower and focused intention, The Little Work teaches you how to build and sustain the magical life you desire.

Durgadas Allon Duriel guides you through a journey of inner alchemy to develop your mind, body, emotional resilience, and personal power.  Explore meditations, affirmations, and will-development exercises.  Discover how to manage your energy, heal from painful experiences, and create a daily practice.  This essential book encourages you to dance with rather than run from reality while transforming yourself into a healthier, happier, and more spiritual person.

"Full of keen insight and empathy for anyone who yearns to make real change in their life, what you find in the pages of this book will set your soul on fire and breathe new life into any practice." - Devin Hunter, author of The Witch's Book of Power

DURGADAS ALLON DURIEL is a formal practitioner of magic with more than twenty years of experience.  He has been an initiate of the Hermetic mysteries since 2005, a journey that began with two and a half years of intensive training.  Durgadas is also a licensed clinical social worker and a certified holistic health practitioner.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Visit him at www.DurgadasAllonDuriel.com.