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The Hoodoo Tarot

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Celebrating the complex American Rootwork tradition, The Hoodoo Tarot integrates esoteric and botanical knowledge from Hoodoo with the divination system of the tarot.  Structured like a traditional tarot deck, each of the 78 cards features full-color paintings by magical-realist artist Katelan Foisy and elegantly interprets the classical tarot imagery through depictions of legendary rootworkers past and present as well as important Hoodoo symbolism.

In the accompanying guidebook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar provides a history of Hoodoo and its complex heritage, including its roots in multiple African and Indigenous American ethnic groups as well as its European influences.  She explores the traditional forms of divination used by rootworkers, including cartomancy, explaining how pairing the tarot with Hoodoo is a natural fit.  For each card in the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana (sticks, baskets, knives, and coins), McQuillar shares the history of the rootworker or symbol featured, any associated magical plants, a related scriptural quote, and guidance and advice based on the card's meaning.  She also offers instructions on card spreads and shares sample card readings.


Tayannah Lee McQuillar is a tarot reader and researcher of religion, esoterica, and mysticism.  The author of several books, including Rootwork: The Folk Magic of Black America, and the divination deck The Sibyls Oraculum, shelives in New York City.  Katelan V. Foisy is an artist, circle leader, and tarot consultant who has been featured in the New York Times and Elle magazine.  Her work has appeared in exhibits throughout the United States and the UK.  The illustrator of The Sibylls Oraculum, she lives in Chicago.