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The Enneagram of Belonging Workbook: Mapping Your Unique Path to Self-Acceptance

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Imagine who you might become if you could make peace with the whole of who you are, rather than overidentifying with the "best" of your type or rejecting the "worst" of its expressions.

If self-awareness is the first step of the journey, self-acceptance is the next, and practicing compassion towards oneself becomes essential.  In this interactive companion to The Enneagram of Belonging, Enneagram teacher and bestselling author Chris Heuertz offers a fresh take on the Enneagram of Personality toward true transformation,

Through guided space for self-reflection, practical prompts, and illuminating insights, The Enneagram of Belonging Workbook will help you:

- Break free from the stereotypes and surface treatment of your type toward a deeper understanding of identity

- Understand how your "Kidlife Crisis" has shaped your personality structure

- Make peace with the whole of who you are through radical self-acceptance

- Confront your "inner dragons" gently, with compassion, toward lasting change

- Chart your personalized path back to belonging as you come home to your true self

Christopher L. Heuertz was first introduced to the Enneagram in the slums of Cambodia.  Since then he has trained under some of the great living Enneagram masters, and he now teaches the Enneagram in workshops around the world as an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional.  NINE: The Enneagram Documentary features Chris on a journey across America to introduce the essence of the nine profile types.  Chris is host of the Enneagram Mapmakers podcast and bestselling author of The Sacred Enneagram.  He and his wife, Phileena, and their sweet dog, Basil, live in Omaha, and you can follow his work at gravitycenter.com

Estee Zandee has written, edited, and collaborated on more than a dozen books and worked in the publishing industry for nearly a decade.  Estee lives with her husband in metro Detroit.