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The Desert Herbal

The Desert Herbal

Ocotillo Botánica

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***Our first journey begins on September 1st, so be sure to sign up by August 28th (or August 18th for the upgraded editions)

The Desert Herbal is an exclusive mail club catered to the adventurers + wanderers with a desert-curious disposition.  Each month, we will send out an email filled to the brim with desert plant know-how including tips + tricks, identification + harvesting techniques, and exclusive formulas + recipes focusing on one Chihuahuan Desert native at a time.  This is an opportunity to really get to know the plants of this region and how we work with them - not just why.

For our upgraded options, there's even more hands-on magic to be had!  We have three options for you to choose from, each of which will receive an actually physical package loaded with goodies:

Herbs + Guidance - With this upgrade, you will receive a collection of herbal material from the plant that we're focusing on in the current month, such as leaves, barks, flowers, fruit, and roots, along with a comprehensive paper guide that includes everything in The Desert Herbal email, plus a few more bonus recipes + how-to's.  This level is great for a basic introduction of herbalism and plant medicine.

The Preparations - This upgrade will include just the preparations that we have already made and packaged for you as well as a comprehensive paper guide that includes everything in The Desert Herbal email, plus a detailed guide on the preparations and how to work with them.  This level is perfect for the herbal-curious-but-too-nervous-to-do-it-yourself-just-yet type.  You'll be able to work with the herbs and get to know them while taking your time learning about different preparations and how they work.

The Field Guide - Our largest upgrade, the Field Guide is for those who want to dive deep into the world of herbalism and foster an emotional + physical connection with plants.  This upgrade includes the herbs, a comprehensive guide including everything in The Desert Herbal email, plus SO much more, a collection of pre-made preparations that are ready to use, and the tools + materials to make your own preparations at home.