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The Crystal Code: Balance Your Energy, Transform Your Life

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Destress, recharge, and heighten your intuition with this indispensable modern guide to unlocking the ancient power of crystals and creating positive change in your life.

Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, and many other eye-catching crystals have captivated people for centuries.  Lovely to look at and pleasing to hold, these stones are much more than mere decorations.  Throughout history they have been thought to possess divinatory, protective, and healing properties.  Today, with wellness experts praising their good vibes, crystals and gemstones have been embraced as essential elements of self-care for their ability to manifest harmony, health, and connection with ourselves on a deeper level.

Crystal healer Tamara Driessen sees these glittering stones as cosmic technology--absorbing, transforming, and transmitting energy.  In The Crystal Code, she brings her insight and experience to help you harness the earth's energy to

  • boost your confidence (Peacock Ore)
  • destress and recenter (dusky blue Celestite)
  • take control (purple Amethyst)
  • get over your ex (rosy pink Kunzite)
  • boost your energy (Orange Calcite)

You'll also discover the best ways to cleanse your stones and program them with your intentions.  Driessen's meditations and self-care rituals will help you follow your intuition, respect your body, and center your priorities.

Whether you're a modern mystic, a new collector, or just crystal curious, this stylish, accessible book will help you harness the powers of these mystical stones to quiet your mind, enliven your heart, and transform your life.