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The Astrology Dictionary: Cosmic Knowledge from A to Z

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Define Your Astrological Path

What does it really mean when Mercury is in retrograde?  What is an astrological age?  How can a midheaven help you?

Going back thousands of years and across countless cultural traditions, astrology has many dimensions.  To fully appreciate astrology and its effect on your life, you need to understand the language that surrounds this fascinating subject.

Inside, you'll discover the most important and influential terms used in astrology discussions and analyses of horoscopes.  Gain a better understanding of your chart and the world around you, whether you're just beginning to explore astrology or you want to elevate your practice.

Go from A to Z, or just begin with a term that interests you and move forward.  Regardless of your path, understanding awaits.

Though DONNA WOODWELL attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent, she had no idea how foreign she'd get.  After exploring ancient and modern astrological, magical, and mystical practices for more than twenty-five years, today she uses this wisdom to help folks discover--and live--their unique genius.  Her writing has appeared on major astrological websites including AstrologyHub.com, where she now serves as senior editor and master astrologer.  Learn more at DonnaPhilosophica.com.