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Alexis Nichole Smith

Tarot Academy: Understanding the Death Card

Tarot Academy: Understanding the Death Card

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Understanding the Death Card is an Evergreen Course offering.

In the Tarot, The Death Card is one of the cards that brings up the most resistance for folks.

Working with the symbolism within the Rider-Waite-Smith, Thoth, Golden Dawn Tarot and Marseille decks we will explore the symbolism and mystical context of the Death card, and how it applies in a divinatory practice.

The purpose of this course is to give students an understanding of the symbolism behind the Death card, and to dispel any fear or taboo around this sacred archetype.

Understanding the Death Card will be held on Saturday, December 9th, 6-8PM CST.  We will be meeting together in-person and online. Classes will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live, and the recording will be available as an Evergreen Course offering to purchase and watch at any time.

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