Amanda Holstien

Spiritual Workings

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This service is offered by Amanda Holstien.  Please Book a consultation HERE prior to purchasing a working.

The exchange for this working begins at $125 and may increase depending on the complexity of the working.

"My style of workings is a unique blend of Solomonic Magick, Mixed Qabalah and Hoodoo. Each working is performed at the corresponding altar of one of the 7 Planetary Archangels. For example: Love workings are performed at my personal Venus altar.

Each working is different, depending on the client's needs. I custom make powerful talismans, mojo bags, spiritual baths and more, each tailored to your particular desire. If you want to attract a new lover into your life or rekindle your current relationship, I can make you a mojo bag to attract love or do a full-on love working. I make protective talismans to keep away evil and those with harmful intent. If you have a court date coming up and want to ensure the scales of justice tip in your favor, there are many solutions available to you. 

Other workings include: unjinxing, attract prosperity, find favor, stop gossip, get the money owed to you, house blessings & so much more."