Alexis Nichole Smith

Solar Return Initiation Ceremony

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This Ceremony is a special offering designed to bring nourishment, abundance & good health into your new Solar year.

Each Solar Return Initiation Ceremony includes:

* Grounding Meditaiton

* Solar Return Astrology Reading

* Energy Cleansing

* Anointing Blessing

* Solstice of Self Anointing Oil & Personal Blueprint Reading

* Plant Spirit Energy Healing

* Prayer for Your Life

* Prayer to be of Service

* Year Ahead Tarot Reading

* Water Blessing

* Nourishment & Sharing

* Crowning Initiation & Flower Blessing


Each Solar Return Initration Ceremony may take up to 4/4.5 hours, and may be attended with your most beloved friends & family in support or as an intimate moment with only you.

Please allow at least 30 days in advance for the planning of this ceremony, as there are medicines that will need to be crafted custom to each Initiate.


I am willing to travel with the inclusion of travel expenses paid.


Payment Plans are available - inquire at for more information