Chelsea Lensing

Silk Noil Face Mask

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Often called "raw silk," Silk Noil has a nubby feel and matte surface resembling cotton in its texture. This is a breathable and versatile fabric, great for warmer weather. Silk Noil is yielded from the silk waste of the spun processes, causing unique fiber variation. Silk is a natural, durable, yet biodegradable material that has a very low environmental impact.

Each Silk Noil Mask is made with two layers of fabric for adequate protection and comes with an adjustable elastic strap to ensure the mask fits snug on your face. This lightweight, durable fabric is perfect for staying safe in the hot summer heat. The elastic is left untied so you can customize the length to fit your head properly.

Materials: 100% Silk Noil, undyed / Adjustable elastic straps made from natural rubber and cotton

Care: Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent, lay or hang to dry in the sun, do not wring

Made in United States of America