Ocotillo Botánica

Sideoats Grama Vibrational Essence

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~*~ This is a vibrational remedy.  Flower essences are made of the pure vibrational energy of the plant and contain no actual plant material. ~*~

Sideoats Grama is one of the most recognizable native grasses that we know.  Watching this gentle glass sway in the breeze inspires resilience + grace.  Sideoats Grama helps provide gentle nourishment to our vibrational self.  Even standing amongst this potent grass can bring a sense of spiritual nourishment.  As the Sideoats Grama bends in even the strongest winds, she gives us the strength to return stronger than before when we have been knocked down.

*Resilience + Grace

*Gentle nourishment

*Returning stronger

Element: Air

Chakra: 4th (Heart) + 1st (Root)

Current Batch Astrology + Lunar Age: Full Moon in Pisces

Our Sideoats Grama Essence is a vibrational remedy, made with the energetic essence of this mystical herb here in Marfa, Texas - bottled and packaged in our apothecary.


These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness.