Ocotillo Botánica

Shrublands Massage Oil

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Consecrate and Nourish your tired body with the warming herbs of the Chihuahuan Desert Shrublands.  Organic olive oil infused with the medicine + spirits of wildharvested Brittlebush, Chaparral, Snakeweed, Juniper, and Prickly Poppy comes together with organic Rosemary, Juniper Berry, and Clary Sage essential oils to create this tension releasing + muscle soothing massage oil.  Massage Shrublands as needed into sore muscles + areas of tension, or apply as a general massage oil for ritual or relaxation.


Plant Spirit Energetics: Grounding, Warming, Clarifying, Calming, Centering

Elemental Alignment: Earth + Fire


contains: Wildharvested Encelia virginensis (Brittlebush) flower, Wildharvested Larrea tridentata (Chaparral) leaf, Wildharvested Juniperus deppeana (Juniper) berry, Wildharvested Gutierrezia sarothrae (Snakeweed), Wildharvested Argemone albiflora (Prickly Poppy), Organic Olive Oil, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Essential Oils


These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illnes.