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Seven Steps into Angel Light: A Journal of Self-Discover, and Spiritual Empowerment

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A soulful + practical guide to harnessing the incredible power of angels to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Join renowned spiritual teacher and angel expert Chrissie Astell on this seven-step journey of inspiring exercises, prayers, affirmations and guided visualizations.  Her warm, nurturing guidance on tapping into the positive energy of the angels will help you to:

  • Find your True Purpose
  • Uncover your Inner Wisdom + Creativity
  • Let Go of Fear + Learn to Protect Yourself
  • Discover Self-Healing
  • Love More Deeply
  • Embrace Personal Transformation
  • Be a Beacon of Light in your Wider Community

"We are all looking for a bright star to help us on the path of spiritual ennobling...and here is a star that elevates and shines with purity, wisdom and purpose." - Stewart Pearce, Master of Voice, Angel Whisperer and Author

CHRISSIE ASTELL has been running empowering angel workshops for over 20 years.  She appears regularly in spiritual magazines, and on TV and radio.  She is the author of several books, including Gifts from Angels and The Guardian Angel Oracle.