Ocotillo Botánica

Self Care Ritual Kit

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Balance | Peace | Grounding | Centering


This ritual kit is designed with the intention of allowing yourself space to simply be. Each item in this kit was chosen to be a tool to aid you in your daily ritual with your self. Work with these tools daily to foster balance, peace, grounding, and centering in your every day life.


The Candle - By Northern Lights

Light this candle at the beginning of your day or meditation to focus your intentions.


Ferox Femina Journal - by Open Sea

Make a daily practice to journal your thoughts, feelings, and the minutia of your day.


Mimosa Flower Spirit Essence - by Ocotillo Botánica

Work with this essence as a part of your daily practice to nourish + bring love to your emotional heart.


Emerge Herbal Elixir - by Ocotillo Botánica

Sip a cup of this heart-soothing blend daily to re-center + balance your emotional + mental being.