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Sage Magazine Issue 05

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Sage is a grassroots quarterly print publication centered around voices from the outdoors, activism platforms, and creative spaces. Through creatives visuals, and a 200-page book, Sage fosters a creative ecosystem of makers, activists, creatives, writers, conscious thinkers, storytellers, communicators, farmers & growers, & change makers. At Sage, we cultivate a space that lies within the intersection of the outdoors, fostering and nurturing a relationship with the land, activism as it relates to the planet and the people, the importance behind artisanal craft, creative expression, and slow living — where we are truly valuing what we're consuming and fostering gratitude. We are driven by and rooted in the intention that mindfully focusing on our impact encourages compassion, kindness, respect, and a sense of empowerment leading to uplifting local mirco-communities and responsible stewards of the land.