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Ritual Planner Notepad/Grimoire Template

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It can feel intimidating to do a ritual, especially if we don't have a guide or framework. That's where the Ritual Planner comes in. Whether you're creating your own ritual or following another witch's guide for inspiration, this Ritual Planner is kind of like a recipe card, but for magic.

Record the intention and purpose of your ritual and make note of the moon phase under which you are performing the spell. Keep track of all the materials you used in your ritual, and you can write down all the steps you took (or plan to take) so that 1) you have a guide for the ritual itself, and 2) you can repeat the ritual in the future.

Recording the results of your ritual is an incredibly important, but often forgotten, part of the ritual process. This notepad has sections for you to record any observations during the ritual, in the immediate aftermath, and a few months later.

Features: 50 tear-off pages

5 in x 7 in
Made in United States of America