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Raspberry Leaf Tincture

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The Raspberry bush doesn't just make delicious berries.  Its leaves are packed with vitamins and minerals, and have some pretty amazing energies.  Throughout herbal medicine, Raspberry Leaf has been used as a reproductive tonic, working wonders as PMS support.  Its astringent quality makes it a wonderful ally for toning the tissues of the body, and it has some pretty magical anti-inflammatory powers.  We absolutely adore raspberry leaf as a women's herb, working with it closely for period complaints and postpartum mama care.

contains: Raspberry Leaf (Rubus spp.)*, Potato Spirits

*USDA Organic

directions for use: Take 20-40 drops 2-3x daily in water, tea or juice.


These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or illness.