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Alexis Smith

Plant Spirit Healings

Plant Spirit Healings

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What is included in a Plant Spirit Healing?


- Tea Service (In-person only)

- Introductory Grounding Meditation

- The Healing

- Post-healing Tarot Reading for further insight on your healing path

- Unlimited Email Support for 1 month following the healing

- One Follow Up Session after 1 month to check-in


What is a Plant Spirit Healing?

All things born of the natural world contain spirit.  Through training with Emily Hamilton of the Psychic Herbalism Institute, I have learned valuable tools to connect with spirit and facilitate energetic healing through clairvoyance.  A psychic plant healing is an energetic healing, done in clairvoyant connection with plant spirits.  During this healing, I act as a guide for the plant spirits, who are the ones who do the actual healing, re-aligning chakras, clearing stagnation, cleansing the aura, and releasing what is ready to be released in your energetic field.  There is no need for an in-person connection or physical medicine, as energy + spirit are not bound by the laws of the physical realm.


How Can I Benefit From a Plant Spirit Healing Healing?

Working with plant spirits can help us in an abundance of ways!  From helping to re-align our chakras to clearing out old energy that no longer serve us, plant spirits are incredible healers. Psychic plant healings work alongside other forms of healing work, including holistic + herbal therapies, western medicine, and other forms of energy work.


What are the Logistics?

Due to the nature of this service, you do not have to be physically present for this healing.  Virtual healings will take place via Zoom.  In-person healings will be held at our Ocotillo Botanica Temple in Marfa, TX.  To begin the healing, I will have you set an intention for what you would like this healing to achieve.  This intention can be spoken aloud or kept to yourself (I don't need to know - the plants will know what work needs to be done!).  When your intention is set, we then will move into grounding meditation, then I will begin the healing.  After the healing is complete, if you have chosen to include a reading with your healing, I will stay connected to the plant in clairvoyance and pull a tarot reading to share any messages that the the plant would like to communicate with you.  If you have questions that you would like specifically answered, you may bring these questions to the healing to be asked during this reading.  We will also take some time to share what came forward in the healing, any visuals that the plant presented.  For in-person healings, tea service will be provided - if you are receiving this healing virtually, we will mail you a tea blend to work with during our session.

After our meeting, I will send you an email detailing everything from the healing, as well as details from the tarot reading for your personal reflection.


*Payment Plans available for The Plant Guided Year + The Lunar Guided Year* 


For more information, or to inquire about Payment Plans, send us an email at and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible!


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