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Alexis Nichole Smith

Pathway of the High Priestess

Pathway of the High Priestess

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General Registration closes December 21, 2023.

The Path Begins January 5, 2024.

In Qabalistic tradition, the Pathway of the High Priestess is the longest, most difficult path - a journey that connects the heart, mind, body & spirit.

In this cohort course, we seek to connect in reverence to the sacred and unify as a community of heart-lead warriors to make pilgrimage through the desert of the spirit and emerge as Ritual Leaders.

…the Path of The High Priestess may be somewhat disconcerting. It is as if the Supreme Mother has removed her smiling mask, to reveal her true face, which is cold and expressionless, though beautiful…. There are no more illusions. We must face the crystalline reality of our own absolute free will, the most difficult task of the Mysteries related to the crossing of the Abyss.” - Robert Wang

In this 9-Month Apprenticeship journey, we will travel the Pathway of the High Priestess together, tending to studies in Plant Wisdom, Divination, and Ritual.

Each month we will meet every Friday to commune in sacred study:

Week 1 - Plant Wisdom Studies: Learn to commune with the Plants for Healing & Prayer

Week 2 - Divination Studies: Nurture oracular faculties with the Tarot and Clairvoyant Channeling

Week 3 - Ritual Studies: Trust your ability to tend to a ritual way of life, learning methods of ritual practice and how to incorporate them in daily life

Week 4 - Study Hall: An open study day to commune together in inquiry & practice


Throughout our journey we will come together for 3 two-day immersions of ritual & study to deepen our practice.  These immersions will be held both virtually and in-person.  Dates & times for these immersions will be announced as we get closer to our beginning call.

Immersion 1: Plant Wisdom & Medicine Craft - March 2024

Immersion 2: Becoming an Oracle - June 2024

Immersion 3: Tending the Altar of the Heart - August 2024


For our last month together, we will join in-person for a two-day initiation retreat.  This final moment will be one of celebrating all of the good work we have done together and will be held in Marfa, Texas - September 2024, exact dates TBA.


 Payment Plans are available:

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