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Obsidian Platonic Solids Set

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The five Obsidian Mini Platonic Solids are a set of five geometrical shapes: Hexahedron(Cube), Tetrahedron(Pyramid), Octahedron (Diamond), Dodecahedron (10 sided shape), and Icosahedron (20 sided shape). They release an intense healing energy that acts as a powerful cleanser of all negativity and psychic smog created in an aura. Obsidian is a protective and grounding crystal. In the shape of platonic solids, it enhances mental power and self-control, and aids chakra balancing. Each of these shapes represents an Element of Nature and possesses its own energy that merges with the energy of Obsidian making the individual shape as well as the set, a great tool for meditation, spiritual, energy and reiki healing. Can also be used in crystal grids to magnify intentions. Serve as pocket stones to relieve stress and provide relaxation.

Sold: Per Set of 5 pieces
Made in Brazil