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Normal Tarot Deck

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The Normal Tarot is a not-so-normal tarot deck created by the one and only Caretaker of Normal Horoscopes fame. If you aren't familiar with them, go read up on their blog. They post horoscopes, answer people's asks, give fortunes, research magic, demonology, and create incredibly unique tarot decks.

The deck features 99 cards, with a replaced major arcana (6 books, 8 moons, 7 kings, several wild cards, & 5 jokers) and suits replaced with seasons, featuring 3 knights and 3 queens (Lady, Queen, Mother) each. You can see 3 card readings and many of the cards on their blog here.

The Caretaker is also updating the guidebook, and each will have the same guidebook, just with different cover art and the different deck's card arts on its pages.


Each deck comes with the 2nd Edition How To Guide