1130 Chandlery

Mugwort Coconut Wax Container Candle | 11 oz

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Mugwort - Artemesia vulgaris

+ Inspires magical midnight meditation

+ A dream chaser

+ Calms the shakes

+ Resets the glory


From 1130 Chandelry: "11oz of 100 percent coconut wax, infused with wild mugwort, inside of a 10oz glass jar (thick, Spanish recycled glass, 3 1/4in tall). The herbs naturally add aroma, and color the candle wax dark-light green. No color or fragrance is added. We use Cottonwood Braided Natural Fiber Wicks. The top of the glass candle jar (the lip) is slightly bigger than the rest of the jar. Underneath the lip, a 22 gauge copper wire wraps around for 1/2in, and collects into a small petal. Attached with hemp string, a plantable tag has “1130 botanical candles, Mugwort, 100% Coconut Wax” written on it.. The candle comes inside of a linen bag with pull string or cardboard chest box. included are (1) set of 1130 matches and (1) cinnamon stick intended to be used as a snuffer. A mandatory “warning” Kraft brown sticker is at the bottom of the jar."

Made in United States of America