Dark Days Tarot

Mother Tarot

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78-card deck and complete Tarot guidebook by Wren McMurdo Brignac - 300 gsm German black-core playing card paper, FSC Certified, soy-based inks

Lidded box fits deck and guidebook

Printed in 2021

While creating the Mother Tarot, I drew ideas and inspiration from Earth, birth, creativity, and climate change. This deck is lit with dynamic energy to spur you along your path. Take guidance from this deck as we embrace this dynamic time on our planet.

This square deck is four-sided, meaning you can incorporate the four seasons, four elements, four directions, four phases of the lunar cycle, etc. into your readings. Try using this deck on waxing moon days when the collective consciousness is building creative energy.

May maternal figures and creators of all kinds may find reverence for themselves in these cards. Discover beauty in your journey and fresh perspective with this deck's rainbow of creative archetypes..