Moon & Jai

Crystal Pendulum

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"Pendulum is a wonderful tool to strengthen & amplify awareness & intuition by converting intuitive communication into motion, allowing you to observe what you already know to be true."

Each pendulum will arrive inside a Moon & Jai pouch with instructions included.


Crystal Properties:

Carnelian: Stabilizing, Creating Positive Change, Connecting with Universal Creative Energies

Rose Quartz: Love, Freedom to be your Authentic Self, Calm after Trauma, Mutual Understanding

Moonstone: Open to Influence of Intuition, Flow of Guidance from Higher Self, Connection with Lunar Energies, Emotional Trauma

Hematite: Grounding, Calming, Facilitate Concentration, Hold your Power, Deep Connection with Earth Energies

Amazonite: Encourages Luck, Dispel Negativity + Aggravation, Allows Crystal Clear Communication, Self Determination

Golden Sheen Obsidian: Divination, Seeing Beyond the Veil, Connection to Higher Self, Protection from Malefic Energy, Psychic Power

Peach Moonstone: Emotional Support for Intuitive Folk, Soothing Feeling of Helplessness, Purifies + Transmutes Negative Energy, Flow of Feminine Energy

Lapis Lazuli: Promotes Honesty, Encourage Self-Awareness + Self-Expression, Opening Third Eye, Intuition + Inner Wisdom

Tiger's Eye: Deeply Grounding, Promote Mental Clarity, Enhance Meditative State, Increase Psychic Power, Clarify Complexity

Red Jasper: Intuitive Insight, Broaden Perspective, Emotional Stability, Aids with Shamanic Journey + Astral Projection, Facilitate Accuracy in Divination

Green Jasper: Understanding of Emotional Needs, Cyclical Balance, Realization of Benefits of Turmoil, Remove Ego from Acceptance of Advice

Clear Quartz: Amplify Intentions, Aid in Concentration, Promote Psychic Power, Enhance Inner Vision + Intuition

Rhodonite: Balance Yin + Yang, Mutual Understanding, Calm + Patience, Making Improvement without being overly Self-Critical

Serpentine: Retrieval of Wisdom from Past Life Experiences, Stimulate Psychic Ability, Manifestation + Abundance, Connecting With Ancient Earth Energy

Aventurine: Remove Blockages, Promote Confidence, Stimulate Perception + Enhance Creativity, Unresolved Emotional Issues