Magic of I.

Magic of I. 2023 Astrological Planner

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A full cosmic guide to the entire year

* Aspectarian + Moon Phases

* Optimum Times Life Gu8ide

* Menstrual Moon Tracker

* Monthly Moons + Intentions

* Astro Reference Guide

* Weekly Planner


This unique 2023 Astrological Planner is a powerful tool for creating magic and living in alignment with nature and the cosmos.  A year, month and weekly planner combined with a comprehensive Astrological Guide to all of the moon movements, planetary placements and aspects of 2023.

Modern, infused with magic, beautifully designed and illustrated completely by the author.  It is a practical navigational and teaching tool for discovering our potential, working with the moon, setting intentions, and actioning our dreams.  Utilizing the energies that underpin our entire existence for more cyclic connection and flow in our lives.  Suitable for beginner to advanced star lovers and magic makers.