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Icon of St. George the Alaman

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St. George the Alaman


Wall Mounting

"St George was a Greek Orthodox hermit who led a monastic life in Palestine before coming to Cyprus. Having travelled around many parts of Cyprus, he eventually settled in the area that now bears his name, “Agios Georgios Alamanos”, which is south of the village of Pentakono in the district of Limassol. After finding a cave and a little water, St George settled there and with prayers and fasting, vigil and peace, he was purified from passions, and arrived to apathy and perfect love of God.

Before he became a monk, St George was an “Alaman” military soldier and it is from this past that St. George came to be known as St George the Alaman, in order to distinguish him from the more commonly known St George, who slayed the dragon."

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