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Skin Salve

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We could talk about this blend all day long.  There's nothing sweeter than walking out your front door on the first day of spring to be greeted by a thousand tiny Dandelion flowers poking their little heads out of the grass. And if you've ever tasted the sweet nectar of Mesquite Resin, or felt it's incredibly potent healing magic, you know just how special it is. Not to mention that first spring rain when the smell of Chaparral fills the desert air - oh, how we revel in it.

Our Dandelion + Chaparral Salve combines two of the desert's most precious spring joys.  Dandelion flower, Chaparral leaf, and Mesquite Resin astound with their highly moisturizing and skin nourishing properties.  This major power couple helps fight off painful bug bites + burns, eases dry + itchy skin, and - with our addition of clary sage + benzoin essential oils - smells divine.  Not to mention the gently balancing blend of prickly pear seed + olive oils to bring out the best in your skin.  Plus - it's vegan friendly!  This salve is made with sustainably wild-harvested Candelilla wax (a Chihuahuan Desert Native!), obtained in the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico, and Organic Cocoa Butter.


*These claims have not been verified by the FDA.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.