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Crystal Skulls + The Enigma of Time

Crystal Skulls + The Enigma of Time

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A many-layered true adventure story that spans the globe and follows the author's quest to discover the meaning of the crystal skulls - which resonate with the Mayan prophecies and carry profound implications for the future of humankind.

Mystifying skulls carved from crystals have been appearing around the world in recent decades.  Some are ancient, made by unknown hands in Tibet and Central America; others are much more recent.  Followers of Maya tradition today include the skulls in their ceremonies, believing them to have the ability to transform human consciousness as we shift between epochs of creation into a positive future beyond 2012.

This is the story of the author's quest to discover the skulls' secrets, starting in a cave in Spain and progressing to Central America and China.  As well as drawing on the insights of the custodians of crystal skulls around the world, she tells a fascinating saga of sacred ceremonies, armed hold-ups, inner journeys...and even weirdly cosmological stacks of tortillas.

Patricia Mercier demonstrates how the skulls can be used for healing and gaining insight, and how they transfer information to each other, operating as a network.  We are also introduced to the Maya spiritual "cosmovision" and a new superconsciousness that the skulls suggest is a key to our future.  They point to a rebirth of humanity when, with the help of the crystal skulls, Homo sapiens could evolve into Homo spiritus.

Patricia Mercier is a writer, visionary artist, crystal healer, yoga teacher and shamanic healer.  In 1995 she encountered her first crystal skull during a ceremony at Uxmal, Mexico, in which she received a shamanic Solar Initiation, and in 2000 she was initiated into the Sovereign Solar Order of Chichén Itzá (Mexico) by shamans and elders using quartz crystal skulls.  She runs a Maya Mysteries School with her husband, and has written several books on the Maya and spiritually oriented healing.

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