Ocotillo Botánica

California Sagebrush Incense

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Find your footing with cleansing + grounding Wildharvested California Sagebrush. 

Each jar of California Sagebrush Incense contains 14 grams (.5 oz) of California Sagebrush leaf - hand harvested from the remaining dead stems leftover from the previous year's growth.  We harvest this leaf in late winter/early spring to clear space for the new growth to thrive after the danger of frost has passed, leaving just enough to mulch the delicate new California Sagebrush sprouts in case of unexpected weather and to trap moisture in the soil for the crop.

To burn, add a small pinch of this incense to a charcoal disk in a heat safe dish, or (our favorite method) roll a small amount of the leaf in between your hands to form a tight bundle and light as you would any burning bundle, allowing to burn until completed in a heat safe dish.  Do not burn unattended - unlike most burning bundles, this California Sagebrush will burn all the way down.


Plant Spirit Energetics: Cleansing, Clearing, Grounding, Exorcism, Creative Fertility, Awakening Psychic Powers

Elemental Alignment: Water + Air