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Ankh Wire Wrapped Crystal Bracelet

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Ankh Wire Wrapped Crystal Bracelet, brought to you by High Vibe Sentiments. Each bracelet is uniquely wrapped, so no two will look the same, or as the photos. Pairs nicely with the Ankh Dangles or Ankh Studs (sold separately).

The Ankh is the Ancient Egyptian symbol for LIFE. Life in the physical and life eternal are a constant vibration- never stagnant. While there is breath in your lungs, keep moving, keep creating, and keep reaching your highest potential.


Specs: Stainless Steel 18k gold plated bracelet wrapped with natural clear quartz and tarnish free wire. 2.3” diameter.

To preserve the gold plating of your jewelry, it is best to avoid contact with liquids of any kind. Store in a cool dry place. Gently polish with a microfiber cloth as needed.

Made in United States of America