Temple of Persephone

Alchemy Box #1

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"And make Offerings to our Future Selves."

Temple of Persephone's Alchemy Boxes include:
2-3 Plant Potions
1-2 Cleansed + Programmed Crystals
1-2 Ritual Tools
3 Gimoire Scrolls:
-Monthly Correspondence Scroll
-Monthly Ritual Scroll
-Monthly Transmission Scroll (Transcribed specifically for you)
1 Secret Gift
*Additionally - In your first box you will also receive a Cleansed + Programmed Lemurian Quartz Point to act as your recording crystal for Temple Wisdom*

Monthly Theme:


"The Cycle has ended, it's time to rebuild"


Included in the purchase of our Temple of Persephone Retort or Initiate tier

Details of what is included in this box will be released 1/31/21


This gathering will be hosted on Zoom.  Details will be emailed prior to the event, including a link to the meeting + how to prepare.

*This gathering will be recorded*