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"I received the tension salve in the mail this weekend—already it's helping with seemingly more frequent headaches. I wanted to send a note to thank you so very much for the gift of your hand-cleansing mist. It was such a delightful surprise and much needed, too. Thank you for your kindness and light. I hope you're staying well and navigating with as much ease as possible."

- Kristyn J. (Lake Oswego, OR)



"Your products have been so delightful. My massage clients love your Cayenne salve and the tumeric spray for grounding has proven very helpful for people who cannot seem to get in their body. My boyfriend is in love with the beard balm! And me too, he is so soft now! I just love having all my allies in my bed stand ready when I need them. Thank you so much for all the love and good juju you put into creating such high end products at an affordable price!"
- Daisy S. (Novato, CA)
"The Turmeric and Thyme spray has been the little miracle worker I didn't know I needed! Such a lovely way to get grounded (and smell great!)"
- @iteachyo
"Thank you again! I’ve seen immediate results:
The yarrow made the swelling below my knee go down 75% in just 2 applications. One after I purchased it around 5pm and another around 1am before bed. Normally this would be much more swollen for more days!
I used the pm serum overnight after my shower and my face had a nice glow. I also applied the yarrow this morning while I had breakfast on a swollen acne bump and it has flattened out and is less red.
Your stuff is magic! I only wish I’d bought the larger ones!"
- @adventuregirltx
"I LOVE the incense from [Ocotillo Botánica]! The rosemary is irresistible, and the fact that it's essential oil rather than artificial fragrance makes it even better. I'll definitely be giving some as gifts, and can't wait to try the adorable soaps!"
-Hannah A. (Marfa, TX)
“We love [Ocotillo Botánica]! Our custom DIRT incense blend and perfume are magical! People constantly enter our store, take a deep breath and smile. Thank you Alexis!”
-Alan and Taylor @dirtshoprocks or www.dirtshop.rocks