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Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura

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Interested in exploring the energy and beauty of auras?  Simply start here!

Auras are layered veils of energy that surround all physical things and reflect the state of their internal energy flow.  Throughout history people have learned to become aware of Auras, using them for healing, insight, and personal reflection.  Auras: The Anatomy of the Aura is a modern, illustrated guide to the ancient practice of reading and working with these powerful energy fields.  Author and teacher Eliza Swann demystifies the world of auras, teaching readers:

  • What an aura is from both mystical and scientific perspectives
  • Techniques for learning to perceive auras, both visually and with other senses
  • Training in the ability to interpret auras
  • The history of auras
  • An in-depth explanation of the layers of the human aura
  • An extensive glossary of terminology
  • How to heal the human aura

Black-and-white illustrations throughout the book help readers visualize the techniques as they read, and inclusive language invites everyone to access the powerful awareness of the energy fields.  Packed with information yet always fun and accessible, Auras is the ultimate beginner's guide!

"Auras is a beautiful, life-affirming invitation for readers to step into a new and magical way of perceiving themselves, other people, and the world around them.  More than ever we need this vital reminder that beneath our illusion of separation and isolation, we can truly perceive that we are all energetically interconnected in the same cosmic web." - Yumi Sakugawa, author of The Little Book of Life Hacks