August 21, 2022

Welcome to Virgo Season

By Alexis Smith
Welcome to Virgo Season

Today is the official first day of Virgo Season, and in true Virgo form, I actually wrote this post ahead of time so that it was ready to go live today.  I've been deep in the Hermit cave planning content, creating financial spreadsheets and prepping for Fall. I'm sure you too have been feeling that buzz of organizational energy...


So what's the big deal about Virgo season that brings up this sudden flow of checklists and note-taking?  Let's get into it.


Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, making it the ruler of the 6th House (the house of refinement + planning) and is at home with the planet Mercury.  It is a Mutable Earth Sign, which means that it carries the energy of sudden restlessness and the need for immediate change.



The Tarot Archetype that corresponds with our lovely analytical Virgo is The Hermit.  During this season we may be feeling like we're retreating into the Hermit Cave to work on all the little details of our lives.  The archetype of The Hermit is full of wisdom and insight.  He carries with him the Lamp of the Inner Compass, illuminating the pathway for introspection and innerstanding.


I mentioned above that Mercury thrives in the sign of Virgo, therefore lending its energy to the detail-oriented sign.  Mercury, the quickest planet in our Solar System, affects our systems of communication, intellect, and technology.  Knowing this, we can understand a little bit more about the way Virgo affects our minds in analyzing structures and refining communication.


During this time, we can turn to nature to help us maintain focus and clarity.






Well regarded for its ability to strengthen and attune the mind, Rosemary is an excellent herbal ally for Virgo season. Try sipping a cup of Rosemary tea or anointing your Third Eye with Rosemary Oil when sitting down to work on your current project. You can even burn Rosemary Incense to help activate your memory palace and clear out stagnant energy in your home or office.





Oh, how I love this powerful plant ally.  Frankincense is an herbal resin that can be burned as incense to help clear the way for success.  Offer Frankincense to your cauldron with a charcoal disk to activate and focus the mind, create a good working environment, and support a clear digital workspace.




Easily our all-time favorite desert ally, Chaparral is an amazing Virgo season ally to have on deck.  Anoint yourself with Chaparral (like our Chaparral Desert Skin Oil) to facilitate grounding and center your mind during what can feel like a super chaotic and fast moving time.







Red Jasper

A powerful stone for protection, Red Jasper can help strengthen our emotional energy, detox our minds of all the unhelpful cyclical thoughts, and increase our endurance to get the job done.




This heavy, silvery stone gives us a deep sense of grounding and connectedness with the Earth.  As we continue to analyze and pick apart our lives, Hematite can help support us in having the willpower to finish the task at hand and keep us from getting lost in the confounds of our minds.




Yummy Carnelian is a powerhouse of motivation and courage.  This crystal ally helps to keep us cool and collected when we feel frustrated from all of the overthinking we're doing during Virgo season.  It can also help stimulate our creative flow so we can streamline our ideas and make them reality.






Journaling is a powerful ritual to help us access our inner wisdom.  Make some time in the morning to sit with your thoughts while you sip your morning tea or coffee.  Light a candle, burn some incense, turn on your favorite meditation playlist and get in the zone.  I love utilizing free-writing in my journaling practice to flow through mental blockages.  You can also start with a prompt if you don't know where to begin.  Here are 5 journal prompts for Virgo season:

  • Make a list of values that are important to you.
  • Where are you thriving and where do you need a little assistance?
  • What goals are you setting for yourself for the next week?  Month?  Year?
  • How can you be more authentic in your work?
  • Where can you be of better service in your relationships and community?




The Hermit's Lantern - Tarot Spread
  1. What is your Inner Compass pointing toward right now?
  2. What is the primary challenge you're facing during this Virgo season?
  3. Where are you thriving during this Virgo season?
  4. What needs to be released to continue the journey?
  5. How is your inner light emerging as you move forward?
  6. Where are your guides supporting you right now?



Goal Setting Ritual

As intuitive and spiritual folk, the idea of "goal setting" can feel mundane and overwhelming.  Use these techniques to make your planning time a ritual and incorporate your magical ways.

  1. Clean your space!  The first step to a successful brainstorming session in any context is to make sure the space that you are in is clean and clear.  Put away your distractions, turn off your podcast and tv, clear away the clutter and start with a fresh space.
  2. Make it cozy.  Start with the tools that you'll need to do your goal setting, like your journal, planner, and laptop at the center of your workspace.  Make sure you have all of your tools nearby so you don't have to go looking for anything one you get started.  Next, add a candle, light some rosemary or frankincense incense, turn on some binaural beats and put on your Chaparral Oil to get in the mood.
  3. Get to planning.  Start with an inventory of where you are right now, then look toward where you want to go.  What are the goals you want to achieve?  Focus on one to three big goals, then distill them down into smaller, more attainable goals.  Look at your calendar for upcoming events.  Where are you headed from here?  What do you want your world to look like?  How do you get there?
  4. Schedule check-in time.  Make sure to set aside a block of time every morning to check back in with your goals to see how you've progressed and what actionable steps you can take to get closer to achieving your goals.  Remember, it's okay if you don't reach them all; in fact it's totally normal if you don't.  Go easy on yourself and let the work flow naturally and smoothly.


Looking to go deeper this Virgo season?  Join our monthly community, Ancient Ocean Society, to get our Virgo Season Tarot Forecast or book a Tarot Reading with Alexis for personal discovery.



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